366 Rewind

This week is all about the things spring brings.  We have had sunshine, warm temperatures, a few scattered spring rains, first sunburns of the season, pollen, blooms, and soccer.  I must say that these rising temperatures have boosted my outlook.

Warmer weather rekindles my desire to eat wholesome food.


Gracyn found these in the yard.


My pin cushion flowers are waking up.


So are the clover weeds.


Soccer games began.  The Comets won their first game.  Go number 8!


We think the “Blackhops” (Blackhawks) won.  Go number 9!


The Crusaders did not win, but they played hard.  Look at the boys my girl is up against.  Go number 3!

We are all a little pinker after the games, and next week I will not underestimate the sun.


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Naptime Momtog

scavenger hunt sunday

I’m so thankful that I had time to invest this week in the prompts without feeling overly rushed.  In case you missed yesterday’s post, my blog is undergoing a facelift and will be down for part of Monday.  I look forward to visiting blogs around the uploading hours.  Please do come back and see my new design Monday or Tuesday.  Also, my URL will be changing to www.littlebylittleblog.com.  I’m not sure if you will need to update subscriptions, but if you are keen, come back and sign up for email updates or subscribe in a reader.

To the prompts!

1. Vintage:

I dined on these plates during special occasions growing up.  The pattern is Meteor and is circa 1960s.  There are very few of them left intact, so the few that are still living are part of my history.

2. Word or Quote

This quote speaks to me.  It is a simple quote on a calendar hanging in my kitchen, but there is a great deal of truth here.  I can get discouraged sometimes with this photography journey.  I want to be farther faster.  It’s hard to work day in and day out sometimes to progress, but I do believe that time will pay off.

3. Nature’s Own

I love the simple beauty of produce.  The kids and I took a 45 minute drive into Midtown Atlanta this week to go to Whole Foods.  These are some type of Honey Orange.  I don’t think I have ever had a juicier, sweeter orange.

4. People

The little blond guy is one of my favorite people.  Saturday was our first soccer games of the season.  This image makes me giggle looking at Jasper’s squishy face.  I captured this pre crash-into-teammate-going-for-the-same-ball.  Jasper was bracing for impact.


5. Photographer’s Choice

I don’t know about y’all, but it is a sneeze fest in the south this week.  The yellow evil is out.  The amounts of pollen in the air and on every surface is insane!  I don’t know if this ant-buggy thing is helping to pollenate purposefully, but he is wearing a good deal of pollen.

Have a great week!

almost there

My new blog design is in the final stages before being loaded!  I am very excited about the design that Elizabeth at TMC Designs has for me.  She has been great to work with. Pop over and see her design services.  Monday, my blog will be down for part of the day to get everything loaded […]

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P52….The eyes of March

This little one has the most beautiful color of eyes in a family with mostly dark eyes.  I love to photograph them just to see what colors reflect.  He has eyes that can appear green, gray, and blue…with flecks of golden brown.  I shot this a week or so ago.  I tried for a more […]

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Tuesdays around the World

I feel like I am running behind on everything this week after our time at the beach, but I keep reminding myself that it is ok to just do what I can this week.  In an exciting bit of news, my blog is finally in redesign this week! How many times can I say “this […]

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366 Rewind-Day at the Beach

A few shots from our day On St. George Island.          

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday-Monday style

We took a small 36 hour trip to the beach this past weekend.  It might have been a poor use of time when you consider the traveling involved, but we did it anyway.  This past Saturday was going to be our only free Saturday for a few months now that we will have soccer games.  […]

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P52 Be Still

Stillness… a rare occurance among boys.

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Eleven Eleven Eleven

The inspiring and beautiful Gina, The Chic Homeschool Mama, tagged me to participate in this eleven, eleven, eleven survey.  It sounds like a great way to get to know each other better, so I am going to give it a go! The Rules: 1. Post these rules. 2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 […]

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I heart faces-Black and White

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