366 Rewind

This week is all about the things spring brings.  We have had sunshine, warm temperatures, a few scattered spring rains, first sunburns of the season, pollen, blooms, and soccer.  I must say that these rising temperatures have boosted my outlook.

Warmer weather rekindles my desire to eat wholesome food.


Gracyn found these in the yard.


My pin cushion flowers are waking up.


So are the clover weeds.


Soccer games began.  The Comets won their first game.  Go number 8!


We think the “Blackhops” (Blackhawks) won.  Go number 9!


The Crusaders did not win, but they played hard.  Look at the boys my girl is up against.  Go number 3!

We are all a little pinker after the games, and next week I will not underestimate the sun.


** Just another reminder that my blog will be down part of the day for installation of my new blog design.  I will make my blog visits before and after the install.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s week!  This URL will change to www.littlebylittleblog.com.  If you are a new reader, there are several ways to stay connected.  Come back and see what’s new!**

Naptime Momtog


  1. Great shots! Really like the orange in the hand. Just lovely! Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love your macro look:)! Do you mind if I ask what macro lens do you like to use??

  3. Another fabulous week!!!! I particularly love that orange-

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