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My name is Kim Cunningham and I am the girl behind the camera. I am a homeschooling mother of three who loves capturing moments. My passion for photography began during my years living as a missionary in Thailand. I spent eight years overseas working as well as beginning and completing my family there. Because that time was so special, I took many pictures trying to bottle up all the memories and experiences. Moments are fleeting and if we don’t capture them right away, we lose them to time. I watched babies become toddlers, and toddlers became honest to goodness big kids! Chubbiness gave way to slender, sleek physiques. How often I wanted to stop the clock and keep them as they were! That’s what photography does. Portraits capture the moments that we in treasure our hearts. Portraits are an investment to posterity, a way of looking into the past. My passion is to capture people in the everyday moments. I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer. I love capturing the simple, natural moments of time. Tomorrow, we are all just a little different than we are today. That’s why it is important to capture the moments now! Let me help you capture the light!

Session styles:





newborn ($250 includes session and 15 images)

birthdays ($300 for 2 hours…images ala carte)

1st birthday cake smash ($ 100 for 30 minutes includes 5 digital images)

2012 fees:  Bookings open january 2nd.

Portraits are a treasure and an investment. It is difficult to put a price on memories, but I hope you will find the investment worth the return. I touch each picture to help bring out the magic and light.

Creative fee: $80 includes a one hour portrait session at a location of your choice.  I can suggest a few.  Fees are non-negotiable, non-refundable, and due at the session time.  All location entrance fees must be paid by the client.

Custom prints: 11×14 $35

8×10 $25

5×7 $15

4×6 $8

mini set of 8 $ 10

wallets set of 4 $ 10

Digital option: If you want the flexibility to print my images for your personal use, a digital option may be right for you.  You may purchase a disk of your gallery for $150.  A typical gallery includes 15 images. Additional images will be ala carte.  Please understand that my work is copyright protected, may not be resold, and will be bound by limited rights. Purchasing a disk of images gives you the right to print for personal use only.  You may not copy and redistribute the images on the disk for any reason.  If you would like additional disks, you must purchase them.  You may not display any images on websites or social media that do not contain my logo. You may not crop out my logo or alter my images in any way. You may not enter my images in any photo contests or challenges or claim them as your own.  All photos will remain under the Kim Cunningham Photography copyright and portfolio.  Thank you for understanding.

Edits on photos and gallery selection will be determined by my discretion.

A gallery viewing session will be scheduled with you when your session’s images are ready.  A sneak peek will no longer be offered via facebook.  I may choose to feature your photos on my facebook page after images have been purchased.

2012  winter season mini-sessions:

Beginning January 21st, I will offer Valentine’s mini-sessions.  Saturdays only.  An investment of $80 includes a 30 minute session and 5 digital images.  Prints sold separately.

During Saturdays in March, I will offer a Lions and Lambs mini-session for children only.  An investment of $80 includes a 30 minute session and 5 digital images.  Prints sold separately.   This session will be perfect for capturing stylized blustery, woolly sweater days, raincoats and rainboots, umbrellas and puddles, as well as sunny and mild daffodil days.

Spring minis:

On Saturdays in March and April, I will offer Easter mini-sessions.  An $80 investment includes a 30 minute session and 5 digital images.  Prints sold separately.

During May, I will offer a Mommy and Me session for Mother’s Day.  Saturdays only.  An $80 investment includes a 30 minute session and 5 digital images.  Prints sold separately.

Summer Minis:

June will be Dad’s turn.  Daddy and Me mini-sessions will be held on Saturdays only.  Same session rates and inclusions as Mommy and Me.

For the 2012-2013 school year, I will offer mini-sessions for homeschoolers.  These sessions are a great way to get a “school” portrait for your children.  For $10 per child, you will get a 15 minute photo session taken outdoors.  You will receive a disk of 5-10 images, depending on the number of children being photographed in the session.  These sessions are for currently homeschooled children only! No outfit changes, please.

Back to School mini-sessions:  These sessions are open to all school aged children.  Capture your children in this year’s back to school fashions!  Sessions are $100 and include a 30 minute photo session taken outdoors.  Additional children are $25 each.  You will receive a disk of 10-15 images, depending on the number of children photographed.  All sessions will be held after 5 PM in August and September.  Limit 2 outfits.

Fall and Christmas mini-sessions: These will be held mid-October through mid- November.  Investment of $100 includes a 30 minute mini-session, and 10 disk images.  This session is great for securing a memorable Christmas Card photo!  No outfit changes during mini-sessions due to time constraints.   If you would like more time and outfit changes, please schedule a regular photo session at  2012 regular fees.

All 2012 photo sessions will end November 19th for the year, with the exception of Newborn sessions.  2013 rates will be posted in late November.

Note to parents:  My vision is to capture your child’s natural personality and expression.  It is very tempting for parents to step in and instruct their children to smile or pose a certain way. I certainly understand that with 3 children of my own!   During a session, I request that parents let me take the lead to capture the best images possible. I come with a vision and a plan.  Please do not instruct your children to “say cheese”, smile or pose. A cheesy smile is never pretty. Sometimes a smile is not what I am going for at all! I see the moments in my view finder and I need be able to capture them.  Be aware of their behavior, but please do not direct, force, or scold them. Relax. If I need you, I promise to ask for your assistance.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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