P52….The eyes of March

This little one has the most beautiful color of eyes in a family with mostly dark eyes.  I love to photograph them just to see what colors reflect.  He has eyes that can appear green, gray, and blue…with flecks of golden brown.  I shot this a week or so ago.  I tried for a more recent shot of his eyes, but this is mostly what I got.

Not only did he jerk his head and make this face when I pushed the shutter, but his movement makes it look like I can’t. focus. a camera! Thanks bud, way to boost my skills. My only comfort is that I bet all of us have days like this.  I totally showed him this image and laughed.  Then, I promised it would be posted on my blog for all to see.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com



  1. Lol at last shot of Jasper and your fulfilled promise!

  2. So cute. I like the imperfection and personality of the last one.

  3. such adorable expressions on both! bet you don’t have any fun with these guys. 😉 LOL

  4. This cracks me up because my kids would always make goofy faces when I was trying to get a good shot. My son even put a pie tin on his head once & so I snapped a pic of that. I just tell them- okay, the goofy faces are the first ones I will post & I held true. I posted that pie tin pic & he was not so pleased. All the kids have stopped trying to mess with me because of it.

  5. OMG, that’s such a cute pose! And I love the second one too. I love pictures that capture the moment 🙂

  6. So funny. My son looks miserable whenever I get my camera near him.

  7. danelle01 says:

    The first shot is adorable and the second is full of personality. 🙂

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