Scavenger Hunt Sunday-Monday style

We took a small 36 hour trip to the beach this past weekend.  It might have been a poor use of time when you consider the traveling involved, but we did it anyway.  This past Saturday was going to be our only free Saturday for a few months now that we will have soccer games.  We seized the opportunity to get away.  We also decided to use the trip to scout out future vacation spots.  We went to the forgotten coasts of Apalachicola, St. George, Cape San Blas, and Port St. Joesph, Florida.  I grew up going to Panama City Beach, but knowing this is college spring break, we stayed clear.  We loved the Cape San Blas area and will probably come back for an extended vacation soon.  Thankfully, I was able to get most of my prompts for SHS at the beach!

1. Water

We stayed on a marina in Apalcachicola, Florida.  This is the view from our room’s lanai.  It was fun to watch the boats come and go.

2. Light

Though a wee bit noisy, you can see the spectacular sunrise we woke to.

3. Chocolate

And the random shot in the midst of my beach photos…chocolate chips!

4. Animal

Seagulls on St. George.

5. Crowded

Our footprints were some of the few on the beach.  This was not a crowded time of the year where we stayed.



  1. Beautiful shots – I think my favorite is water.

  2. Awesome shots! Love the sunrise photo! Just amazing:)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos! I love a sunset on the water! and the birds, and the footprints… well, all of them!

  4. Love the chocolate shot. Chocolates are my favorite. But I suppose if I had to pick something else, the light photo would be it! (P.S. We have the same blog design!)

  5. Love the colors in that first shot. You’ll have to share the beach destinations you discovered. I could use a beach trip soon.

  6. While we pass by the beach at least twice a week, I can’t even begin to even think about a trip there. It’s been so cold here lately. I have the heater on not only at night, but during the day!

    Great shots, as usual. 🙂

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