P52….The eyes of March

This little one has the most beautiful color of eyes in a family with mostly dark eyes.  I love to photograph them just to see what colors reflect.  He has eyes that can appear green, gray, and blue…with flecks of golden brown.  I shot this a week or so ago.  I tried for a more recent shot of his eyes, but this is mostly what I got.

Not only did he jerk his head and make this face when I pushed the shutter, but his movement makes it look like I can’t. focus. a camera! Thanks bud, way to boost my skills. My only comfort is that I bet all of us have days like this.  I totally showed him this image and laughed.  Then, I promised it would be posted on my blog for all to see.

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P52 Be Still

Stillness… a rare occurance among boys.

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P52 Leap ahead

Leap ahead is the perfect prompt for this week.  We have hit that time of year when the after Christmas slow down turns to spring madness.   My life seems to have leaped forward this week into that place where I feel I can barely keep up with all that needs doing on a regular basis combined with all the extras.  We have just signed all the kids for soccer and we wil begin practices and games next week.  Keeping up with the house, homeschooling, church musical, soccer, friendships, and time for photography makes a full schedule.  SO, with all this, my simple photo here will have to reflect this speed up of life.



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Cabin Fever P52

Even though this southern winter has been quite mild, we have still been couped up a bit.  We took this week off our home school for winter break.  Recreation is always good for the body, soul, and mind.  We decided to get out a bit today and cure our cabin fever.  We spent the day at a local nature center.  We saw a few of their animal exhibits, walked some trails, and had a picnic lunch.  I had a mini heart attack today when I slipped on some wet ground and fell on my camera! My leg is bruised, but all I could think about was how my camera fared the landing.  My lens hood saved my lens, I am sure of it.  I have got to insure my camera.  That was a wake up call! Lens hoods…don’t leave home without one.  The day was still enjoyable despite my slip of foot.  The weather reached the mid-seventies and was lovely.  The rains are on the way again tonight, but this day will carry us through.

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True Love P52

John 3:16.  The most well known Bible verse sums up true love for me.  It is the ultimate Valentine.

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Sweet Shot Day

P52 Drink Up

I’m going Instagram style for this week’s prompt.  Hot tea is my drink of choice when I need to relax and unwind.  Today, it seemed the appropriate drink while watching Downton Abbey.  I’m addicted.  I confess.  I haven’t been this drawn in to a show since Lost.  The fact that it is British is that much more!

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Shadows P52

Though our local groundhog did not see his shadow, we certainly saw ours on this beautiful, sunny, spring-like day.  If a shadow says winter is still here, our trees and impending daffodils tell a very different tale.

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Selfie P52

This was HARD! Not only did I have to get over myself, but I really didn’t know how to tackle this.  I must be a t-rex because I could not long arm these.  The images were crazy close.  I don’t have a remote yet, so that wasn’t an option…but I have a greater appreciation of my need for one.  I suppose I could have set up the tripod and timer, but today was hectic and therefore not an option.  I went with good old reflective surfaces…or the two mirrors in my room.  On top of not knowing how I was going to pull a selfie off, I had a hair apointment today.  I held out thinking it would be great to wait to do this when my hair just got did.  In theory this would seem like a great day to take my own pictures.  Well, not so much.  My hair dresser did not flat-iron my hair.  I went home curly and frizzy.  So, I tried to flat iron it myself, but  being a rainy day it was counter productive.  I tried several things to get my unruly hair to behave.  I’m not sure I tamed the beast, but here I am!

Check out the frizz on the right….

Maybe a ponytail?

Clip back the front?  I dunno.   What I do know is that this junk is hard! I’m glad that I am pushing myself to figure it out though.  Maybe I’ll even smile when I stop gritting my teeth. 🙂

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I dreamed a dream

This week’s P52 prompt had me stumped for most of the week.  I had no idea how I would capture this idea of dreaming in a meaningful way.  I thought of a few things that really just did not work out as I attempted to shoot the concept.  I will go back and revist the ideas, but for this prompt I needed to keep it simple.   And, I wanted to be true in reflecting a real dream of mine…something I really work at with ferver and passion to make  a reality.  I know this won’t be unique,  and I know many of you will share my enthusiasm.

The dream I dream right now is that I will really and deeply learn the art of photography.  Sure, I want to succeed in a buisness one day.  At the very same time, if I never get paid another dime, it will be okay.  I love learning.  I love striving to take a great image.  I am praying every day that I would learn to be a great photographer for the beauty and the art.   I pray that somehow I will capture the beauty of the world and people around me,  that it would be a small glimpse of our creator and the joy He must have felt in creating.   As I find myself frustrated by the depth of knowledge and skill needed, I will keep shooting.  I recognize that the simple part is dropping money on equipment, but the real test is in hours and hours of hard work.  I’m not discouraged because this is the dream I am willing to work for.

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Made with Love

Salad in a heart bowl is made with love by me for me!  It is a reminder to be intentional about how I feed and care for myself.  My body needs to detox after the sugar laden holidays.  I’m choosing water, fruits, veggies, and more whole grains.  I won’t deprive myself, but just make better choices for sustained good health and fitness.   I choose a skinny vanilla latte at Starbuck’s yesterday, but I won’t be doing that again..bleh.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com