first practice

My friend dubbed me an official soccer mom complete with a sweet mini-van.  I guess that is true.  I feel like a total suburbanite now. Our first practice began tonight.  Since my 3 kids practice on the same night, I was on my feet traveling the fields to watch them practice.  My 4 year old was so cute out there.  He was by far the smallest, but he is never one to let that be an issue.  He jumped right in!  We will see if he can bend it like his brother.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. Hooray for soccer and kiddos running and running and running…being a soccer mom is fun, and the minivan is luxuriously comfortable, I’m sure. So glad for these good new things for all of you!

  2. Soccer is great fun. I enjoy watching the kids play… especially when they’re younger, The entire class chase the ball en masse and cluster around the ball… so cute!

  3. Precious. They look so grown up in their jerseys!

  4. My little blondie looks so cute, he is by far the most sweet child that I know and what a charmer. Mr personality ! I cannot wait to see him play.

  5. How cute!!!! I remember those days- my kids really loved playing at that age.

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