366 Rewind

Let’s rewind another week!

This week we said goodbye to our African Dwarf frogs.

My cat has been in hot pursuit of these little frogs named Cute Cute and Steve.  The cat finally got to them and knocked them over, shattering their tank.  We found her hovered over the gasping frogs on the floor, teeth ready.  We saved them from being a snack, but had no other choice than to put them in tap water, which is a no no.  I didn’t have spring water on hand.  I called a friend to ask her to adopt them since no place was safe here.  She agreed, but they died in the tap water shortly there after.

Gracyn continues to catch Green Anoles in the yard and gives them gymnastics lessons.

She is also jumping for joy over soccer starting today!

Daffodils are still blooming!

And…I had a brief few moments to capture Jasper in our hallway.  Did I bribe him? Yep.  For $1 he agreed to be my paid model.  Sometimes I do pay my kids a little tiny fee for cooperation…especially when I really need to work on some skill.  Worth every penny.  Sometimes it is ice cream, sometimes money.

Naptime Momtog


  1. Woof!
    My late big bro Bogart used to catch and play with MrFrogsky which made the hoomans die each time. As for me, I hate frogs. They kiss me!

  2. Sorry about the frogs. My kids would have been devasted. Every time I make them release some poor creature they drag in, you’d think the world ended. I love G jumping for joy and her gymnastics lizard. J is so cute. Laughing at you paying him. I’ve not tried that yet, but if I ever find myself with no one willing to cooperate I might just do it. Love the pp on the blossom. So g,ad spring is almost here.

  3. LOL! I have to bribe my dog to get a picture of her. The kids are good about it but the dog not so much. Now she’s conditioned to think treat when she sees the camera ;0)

  4. Beautiful portraits of your son, definitely worth a bribe, I have to bribe mine too 🙂

  5. WOW- those last 2 are stunning!!! Well done!

  6. So sorry about your frogs! Your little guy makes the best and most inexpensive model!!

  7. Great photos, love the ones of your son they came out so good! Sorry about the frogs, I love frogs, I hated to hear that! Our cat once got a hold of our bird, just sad, and I love cats too.

  8. Love the last two. We used to have Dwarf frogs.

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