Cabin Fever P52

Even though this southern winter has been quite mild, we have still been couped up a bit.  We took this week off our home school for winter break.  Recreation is always good for the body, soul, and mind.  We decided to get out a bit today and cure our cabin fever.  We spent the day at a local nature center.  We saw a few of their animal exhibits, walked some trails, and had a picnic lunch.  I had a mini heart attack today when I slipped on some wet ground and fell on my camera! My leg is bruised, but all I could think about was how my camera fared the landing.  My lens hood saved my lens, I am sure of it.  I have got to insure my camera.  That was a wake up call! Lens hoods…don’t leave home without one.  The day was still enjoyable despite my slip of foot.  The weather reached the mid-seventies and was lovely.  The rains are on the way again tonight, but this day will carry us through.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge



  1. He’s so adorable!!! Can you send some of that rain this way?? I miss that sound of a good steady rain.

  2. we haven’t had much winter either…and i’m not complaining!! LOL such gorgeous light in your photo! beautiful!!

  3. How cute!!

    There no real winter here either. I love it 🙂

  4. I’ve really enjoyed finding your blog. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  5. Beautiful. Sounds like you had a lovely day, in spite of your slip. Love the light.

  6. Beautiful! Love the light in this photo!

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