Project 366 Rewind

I struggled with motivation this past week.  I was unusually tired and that combined with some gray days was not a winning combo!  We are taking winter break this week and I hope that affords me a little more energy and time to intentionally shoot.  I did have one fun surprise this week, which I will share in just a second.


With all this rain, I decided it would be a great time to capture water droplets.  It was windy and cool.  I really needed to spend time on this and with a tripod.  I was cold and decided to handhold.  It is good enough, but I think I will revisit this after a warmer rainy day.

Using my Valentine’s bouquet, I went for a macro of the center of one rose.   I even did a few shots in which I sprayed the roses with water to try water droplets.  However, they ended up looking a bit like fake roses with glue water droplets! Know what I mean?

I think I like the softness of the baby’s breath better than the rose.

I borrowed a few gumballs from my kiddos stash.   I like the colors.

And now the fun tidbit!  I mentioned in this post that I didn’t think I was much of a food photographer…still don’t actually.   As I thought about that statement, I wondered why I was so quick to dismiss myself as a food photographer.   It is something I could work on like anything else.  So, on a total lark, I decided to make our favorite batch of cookies, and stage a food shoot.  I took a few different shots and decided to submit one to foodgawker just to see.  My image got accepted in just a few hours! I was shocked!  I had heard that it was a little tough to get approval.  So, I have one little lonely image in my gallery.  You can check it out at the foodgawker button on the right.  Feel free to like it or pin it, if it is something you would like to try!  I feel encouraged to try a little more of this.  This image is one of my cast offs, but I thought I would spare a 3rd showing of the accepted one. 🙂  And because of this, I got sidetracked leaving me a couple images short this week.




  1. Your photos are simply STUNNING!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! I have been feeling uninspired myself. I hate winter ; /
    Congrats – that’s awesome! Good for you 😉

  3. Love these photos!They are all wonderful!

  4. That flower is stunning!! What a great week!

  5. WOW! These are sooo awesome. Love the last two but they are all great.

  6. These are so beautiful! I love them all!

  7. Congrats on your food photo! I think all your photos are amazing!

  8. What STUNNING shots this week!!! Well done!!!!

  9. Isn’t the scavenger hunt fun? I try to participate when I can — your shots are wonderful!

  10. I think you are rocking the macro photography! Makes me want to give it a try, but I’m not sure I have the right equipment. Thanks for sharing what you are learning. I’ve gleaned a lot from reading your blog!

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