small town Saturday

We had a 2-3 hour window this morning before the rains were forecasted to arrive.  We decided to go support our local small town businesses in our quaint downtown area.  We live in a developing small southern city.  The hub of the city is quite developed and a fastly booming area, but the downtown area has been left as it has always been, and we so appreciate that preservation.

Our first stop was the newly restored court house.  It has been under reconstruction for the 4 years we have lived here.  We were able to tour the courtroom which has been restored to its original 1904 look.  We briefly played a little Matlock southern lawyer scenes.

Lunch lead us next to the iconic Redneck Gourmet.  I have mentioned it on this blog several times.   I love their Reubens.

Cute, isn’t he?

Well, this one is for sure.


Next we decided to go antiquing.   The town has many antique shops.  I found places that sell vintage milk bottles like I have pinned on Pinterest! I bought one, but I asked one vendor to try to find more like that one for me.   There are always things I’d like to have and some things that are well…interesting.

I do kind of like these salt and pepper shakers.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a quick stop by the toffee shop to say hello to aquaintances and get a little toffee.   It was nice to get out before the soaking of the next two days sets in.


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