Happy Valentine’s Day

I feel a little ill prepared this year for Valentine’s Day.  I think my vision and my reality have not had a meeting to discuss how they were going to pull this thing off.  Last year we were at Disney over Valentine’s Day, which is going to be fairly hard to beat.  Still, why spend time looking on Pinterest for cutesy ideas only to forget doing them? Ugh!  I went to Target tonight to see what I could do for my kiddos.  Their stock was well picked over.  I got a couple things to place on their school desks, nothing big. I really wanted to put some thought into some homemade things, but I failed to carve time to make that a possibility.  Thankfully my kids are grateful, happy kids.  My husband and I are going to stay in, light a fire, and maybe play a game.  We will probably snack on something special.  I kind of prefer this to going out among the crowds and spending silly amounts of money.  I just wish I had gotten my craft challenged self together this year.  Hopefully, you guys are all better prepared than me.  Have a happy Valentine’s Day with the ones you love!



  1. You’ve got a very, festive photo! I’m even less prepared than you are. We will be making Valentine’s cards for Daddy and grandparents for school tomorrow morning and then deliver them in the afternoon and that is all I’ve got so far. I’m thankful I do have construction paper on hand for the cards.

  2. Sweet shot! I don’t have any kiddos .. I’m making my boyfriend come to the barn to take photos of me& my horse. He is allergic so going to watch me ride is definitely a red letter day 😉

  3. ^_^ have a great day !
    love your pic !

  4. What a sweet photo! Never really had those treats! Have a lovely love filled day with your kiddos!

  5. I love staying in, too… especially on Valentine’s Day.

    Hope you have a love-ly one. 🙂

  6. Beautiful capture. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  7. Love the shot & sounds like a perfectly lovely evening in!

  8. Nice shot!

  9. Hope your day ended up perfect!


  10. what an adorable shot! i LOVE it~

    nicely done:)
    hope you had a good valentine’s day!

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