Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m back for another installment of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I don’t know about for you, but winter showed up this weekend.  We have taken to burning our huge stash of firewood.  The fires have been lovely, and cozy.  I’m going to enjoy this brief chill before the temps head back into the 60’s this week.   Let’s get to my interpretations so I can get back downstairs to my fireplace!

1. Facial Feature

I pulled this from the archives.  Jasper has the most gorgeous eyes.  I love all the variations of color in his eyes.

2. Shadow

I shot this for groundhog day last week, and it fits this week as well!

3. Spicy

 I love the ends of a cinnamon stick.

4. Gold

My wedding set.

5. Fabric

I really wanted to stack up some pretty fabrics for this shot, but since my sewing career never took off  I gave my fabric away!   This is the pattern of my Vera Bradley wallet.



  1. Oh my goodness! What a cutie in that first shot! Funny, my sewing career never took off either. 😉

  2. Jasper’s SO cute! I love his pose here –how the fingertips of both hands are touching as he cradled his chin. =)

  3. These are all just stunning!! My favorite is the strong man shadow though. Priceless! 🙂

  4. Great set of photos. Love the fabric!

  5. Your rings are beautiful! And the end of those cinnamon sticks are awesome!

  6. LOVE the portrait of Jasper! Cinnamon sticks..wish I had thought of that..great shot, LOVE it!

  7. Wonderful set for this week’s hunt – I adore the shadow and admire your ring shot (the reflective nature of gold jewelry makes it harder to photograph than one would think).

  8. The “eyes” have it . . . just gorgeous! Love your spicy and gold shots, too.

  9. Oh my – that first one is perfect!!!!!!!!

  10. Simply wow – your work is always stunning and this week is no exception. Love this.

  11. Jasper has such a sweet face and great crop on the shadow shot. Also, I have the same wedding band! Have a great week.

  12. Love the picture of Jasper but I also love your shadow..gosh I can’t pick a favorite! Great set of pictures this week!

  13. Great set! I love that pic of Jasper. He is such a cutie.

  14. Gorgeous pictures! The cinnamon stick is very inspired. I have a very similar wedding band. It’s such a simple, classic style.

  15. Gorgeous set Kim, LOVE your shadow, and your son is adorable!

  16. WOW! What a wonderful series. I love your facial features – Jasper definitely does have beautiful eyes and such a gorgeous face! Great shadow shot too.
    Your wedding set is EXACTLY the same as mine 🙂

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