on weekends

All week I look forward to Friday night and the impending weekend.  It isn’t like there are usually great plans, but I am free of teaching for a few days anyway.  I love Friday nights with the promise of going to bed and sleeping until I wake up naturally, which all told, is only about 30 minutes extra.  But those 30 minutes feel like a luxury. As much as I look forward to the weekends, they have dreadfully boring  lately.  Once the bliss of Friday night is over, waking up to Saturday has been challenging.  We are all sort of looking for some weekend bliss that doesn’t materialize.  It isn’t long before I start wishing for Monday with its structure and predictability.  At least we would have something to do! I guess we are in a weekend rut! We make suggestions of things to do, but in the end it feels like the same boring old thing.  “Do you want to go walk some trails? ” “Nah.” “Do you want to go ride the golf carts?” “Nah.”  The Naysayer is me.  I miss living in a huge city.

Last Saturday was painful.  We had no real plans, so the kids played upstairs trying to fill the time.  Every little thing sent one into tears.  Jasper cried for about 20 minutes straight over perceived offenses.  I encouraged the others to make peace for everyone’s sanity, but to no avail.  He kept on and on and on.   My skin began to crawl with irritation.  After what felt like an eternity enduring the wails of a 4 year old, I made everyone get shoes on so we could get out of the house.   I just drove.  I didn’t know where we were going until we got there.  I just knew that we needed to go!  Oh…I should mention that my husband was working out of home on a weekend. Bah!

We ended up at Athena, a Greek Pizzeria.  We were happy for a moment.  I ordered a Greek salad to share with my daughter and a large bacon and pepperoni pizza for all of us.  We were happy until Jasper decided that bacon on his pizza was the same as pineapple on a pizza.  Oh the wailing!  My friend brought us a Hawaiian pizza on my birthday from Athena, which he did not like and picked all the toppings off, and yet insisted on 3 pieces…naturally all Athena pizzas must have pineapple on them, right?

Ahh, the sweet cherib.

Now, Jasper is normally the sweetest 4 year old boy I know.  But something was up his nose and consequently the rest of ours that day.   The pizza came, and it was burn the roof of your mouth hot!  I told him to wait, but he picked up the pizza anyway and all the toppings slid off…you guessed it….weeping and gnashing of teeth.   I had visions of grandeur that I would complete some errands after pizza, but I opted to go home and not risk darkening the doors of a women’s clothing store with this lot.

The rest of the day was a let down for me.   So, on this late Friday afternoon, I have a dread of tomorrow.  I think I need something to spice up a boring Saturday which doesn’t involve trails, golf carts, playground, or walking around the local shops.   Winter 2012 will arrive this weekend, for a limited appearance. It will be cold, with no chance of snow.  What will we do? I need a plan! Saturday is already bumming me out and it hasn’t arrived yet.




  1. I relate so much to this post- the freedom of the weekends is a double-edged sword, for sure. I’m praying for you this weekend, that a spirit of love and contentedness will pervade your home (that’s what I prayed for mine this morning!), and that you would have sweet time together, perhaps doing something new!

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