Going soft

I have been a follower of Rachel Meeks at Small Notebook for a few years.  I really enjoy her quest for a simple, but beautiful life.  About a month ago, she posted one of her simple skin care routines.  I was really intrigued by the fact that she washed her face and body with one product.  Sounded simple, so I decided to investigate her advice.  I have used a widely know brand for years because I liked all the fragrance options, but my skin was always in need of lotions to combat dry skin.    I tend to bathe twice a day and wash my hands very frequently.  I just like being clean, but the dry skin needed a solution.  Rachel recommended Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap.  It is 86% saponified olive oil, salt, and water.  I bought a couple of the huge bars of soap.  I found them in my local grocery store in the organic section of heath and beauty.  This chunky, ugly green soap has been amazing for my skin.  I have not had dry, itchy skin since using this product.  I love that it is pure without chemicals and lathering agents.  It is just good clean stuff!  It is a bit of an adjustment at first because you can see the water beading on your skin, it is more slick than foamy, and your skin while wet, almost feels sticky.   Once you dry off, all you are left with is soft, glowing skin. I no longer have that stripped feeling on my skin.  I have been using this soap for a little over a month with great results.  I am mositurized and baby soft.   Because it is fragrance free, my husband can also use this product.  He has been very pleased too!  It is great for children, but not tear free.   If you take care to keep the bar dry, the 8 oz bar will last over a month.  The big bars run around $3.50 in my local grocer.   Hop over to Small Notebook and check out Rachel’s post!

Image mine via Instagram.



  1. Hmm, interesting soap…may have to try this because my back is always dry and itchy and that I cannot reach to even put lotion on…will have to try this.

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