366 rewind week 4

Last week was very full! I had my birthday and all the busy fun that brings.  I wish I had the time to slow down and capture more of the joys of this week, but you know how being in the moment sometimes makes it hard to be the observer capturing it.  I felt very celebrated and pampered this week, and that was such a sweet blessing for me.  One of my gifts was an iPhone.  To celebrate how fun that has been, there will be some instagrams this week!  Just today, my sweet MIL surprised me with a remote trigger for my camera!  Can’t wait to get that set up!  Without further ado, let’s rewind!

A close up of our pooch Gigi.

The girl posing for my iPhone.

Boy 1.

The man driving us to his company’s Black Tie awards and recognition night.  He was recognized for 3 achievements this year!

Our table.  So pretty.

This ends the instagrams for this week.  It really is fun.  If you follow instagramers, you can find my link in the footer.  I will have a nicer follow button once my new blog design is completed.

Naptime Momtog


  1. Such great shots this week. Sounds like a fun week. Thanks for linking up. I love all your lady bug photos.

  2. Such gorgeous shots! And happy birthday! A remote trigger would be amazing. Have a blessed week.

  3. Love the lady bug shots!

  4. Congrats to your hubby! And happy birthday to you! I celebrated mine last week too!

  5. Love the name of the pooch- that is actually my nickname 🙂 HA

  6. Enjoying your pictures. Kudos to Jack and the party looked like a lovely affair- such fun!

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