Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week has been busy!  I’m thankful to have captured all of this week’s prompts when I wondered how I would find the time.  Somehow it all came together!  These are my interpretations.

1. Smile

We met some good friends of ours for fro yo on my birthday.  Their purple walls were a great backdrop!


2.  Stand Alone

One afternoon I walked around my yard looking for something interesting to shoot.  I found this sweet little ladybug.  I love her.


3. Something Old

I guess this is more rusty than old.  This is a monogrammed metal planter that hasn’t weathered the weather well.


4.  Artificial

All I could find for this prompt was leftover artificial fall leaves from our craft stash.


5.  Repeating Pattern

Afternoon sun in my boy’s room creates stripes from our blinds.   It’s a great place to play for boys or lay if you are a cat.  Wonder where she was this day?






  1. I love your stand alone. What a great lady bug!

  2. love your stand alone!

  3. Lovely, little ladybug and your artificial is gorgeous.

  4. I love the repeating pattern picture, very creative. I also adore your stand alone! Great set of pictures.

  5. What an amazing image on stand alone. Love it.

  6. Excellent shots!
    The focus on the ladybug is amazing, and so is the contrast between the leaves and the white background.
    Well done!

  7. I love how “soft” your first two shots are. Beautiful! Did you use the 1.4mm for those?

    Lovely, lovely set, Kimmy. 🙂

  8. Love each of these! Your use of color is fantastic, and pattern – very original 🙂

  9. Boys smile is perfect in every way. What wonderful photos, love how calm this set is.

  10. Great set Kim, love your little lady beetle for Stand Alone, gorgeous focus!

  11. I love that smile and the purple background is so great! The rust is gorgeous! But I do believe the ladybug is my favorite!!

  12. Nice series. – Your boy is very handsome you can see his Smile both on his lips and in his eyes.
    Loved your Stand Alone shot of the Ladybug and your Repeating Pattern.

  13. Great collection! Very nice job!

  14. WOW- that bug is incredible!

  15. Fabulous Stand alone shot! and the shadows… I love shadows.. 😉

  16. These are awesome. I love the first two.

  17. gorgeous shots, and such clever interpretations. Love these!

  18. This whole set is so beautiful – really love your first two shots!

  19. Great captures! Like them all but really love your stand alone.

  20. Wonderful set!! I love the amazing focus on the ladybug!! And, of course the beautiful smile!! He also has gorgeous eyes!!

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