Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m back for this week’s installment of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.   I’ve been keeping a list of the prompts on my fridge to help me stay focused throughout the week as I attempt to cover each prompt.  Being a homeschooling mom means I have to intentionally set aside time each afternoon to shoot.  Some days this week were challenging due to all the gloomy weather we have had.

Here’s what I did:

1. Sunset

Confession….I am pulling this one out of archives from last October.  I could not get a sunset in rainy weather.

2. Black and White

This is Jasper in the morning relaxing in his bed.

3.  Day in the life

My boys are pretty good friends and playmates, most of the time.  Here they are sharing a Star Wars picture book while Jasper drives his Lego creation across the page.   I set my camera to manual focus for intentional blur.

4. Four

I made a collage of four edits of the reflection in my afternoon tea.   I enjoyed playing!

5. Colorful

I have a jar of buttons for kid crafts that are colorful.  Here they are!



  1. I love all of these. Especially your set of four.

  2. Great set!

  3. Wonderful – Love your set of four, what a fabulous reflection!

  4. These are all beautiful! What a great reflection in your tea!

  5. Love how your mind works, such an interesting set. Beautiful photos!

  6. The reflection in your tea is pretty AMAZING! Also LOVE your B&W cutie shot!!

  7. Wow Kim, I love 4, so creative! Love the photos you captured of your kids especially “A Day”!

  8. What a fabulous set! They are all so creative but I really love the Day in the Life and the Color shot!!!

  9. I love the shadows in your tea, amazing! And the picture of your boys playing is so soft and sweet!!

  10. All oh so gorgeous, Kimmy! Especially the sunset and the b/w. I love what you did for Four, too. 🙂

  11. These are lovely. Really love the tea shot!

  12. Nicely done this week- I love them all!

  13. Beautiful set! I love them all, but especially your set of four! Love seeing the different edits! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. Awesome set of pictures. I love the sunset picture! Our weather wasn’t the most cooperative this week either. Love your colorful buttons!

  15. I am still loving that afternoon tea shot – love that. Gorgeous set all the way through!

  16. Wonderful photos! We have at least two things in common…a Nikon and a silly pug.

  17. I want your sunset in my backyard. I also really like the tea shot.

  18. Was your sunset when you were in TN last fall? The only nice sunsets I’ve been able to catch around here are when I’m up flying with G. I really like the tea edits. Nice! I love the shot of A and J. Such a great capture. I like the hazy effect. Great job, friend!

  19. Love the sunset and day in my life.

  20. That sunset is just breathtaking!

  21. I cana’t pick a favorite! I love them all! Beautiful series!

  22. Your sunset shot is incredible! The tones are so beautiful they almost look unbelievable! Good job!

  23. This is a lovely set- you really captured the essence of each prompt!

  24. What a great idea for FOUR, love it, love it, love it

  25. LOve the “Four”….awesome reflection!!!

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