Wordless Wednesday…with words!

First, a photo.

Who doesn’t love a cuppa tea in the Winter?  I find that sitting down with a cup of tea relaxes and makes me feel a little indulged, especially when served in my best china.

In other news…I am finally getting around to getting a big girl, custom designed blog!  I’m so very excited!  I’m in the queue for early March, so bear with me a few more weeks.  I have also purchased a domain name and will be announcing it when the time is right.  I certainly don’t want to lose readers to confusion.  Stay tuned!  I stumbled upon Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling in last week’s P52 submissions.  She will be designing my blog, which will be what I choose to spend any birthday I get month on!  Go check out her services.

NapTime MomTog




  1. That cup of tea looks delish- congrats on your blogging!

  2. That picture is so inviting!

  3. What a lovely cup of tea!

  4. Love this. So beautiful.

  5. That tea looks lovely and so cozy! Congrats on getting a new design and domain name; that’s great!

  6. Congratulations on your new adventure with your blog. Sounds exciting!

    I’m a coffee drinker, but love your tea photo. 🙂

  7. I love the series of photos. Thanks for stopping by my spot and leaving such nice words 🙂

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