I’m back for my 2nd week of linking up with Project 366 Rewind!  This week our prompt is chilly.  Our weather has been quite warm for the season, but we did experience brief chilly weather this past week.  We are warming back up, so I am not counting on having any snowy shots this month.  Even so, let’s take a look at my attempts for chilly.

Winter in Bananagrams.

Another version of Yankee Candle toppers for Winter fragrances.

Repeat warning!  How could I not use this again?  It fits so perfectly.  Lego man ice cubes!  You can get the mold at Lego.com.

Starbucks is great on a chilly night.  Wednesday night is my Starbucks indulgence while my children are at choir.  I may use this time to drink coffee and catch up on blogs, check facebook, or read.   I also may meet a friend sometimes to catch up.  I look forward to Wednesday nights.  It is a sanity keeper.

This week in preschool homeschooling was all about mittens.  One story we read was The Mitten by Jan Brett.  Her illustrations are gorgeous.  Our snack was a mitten with animals squeezing in to warm themselves like the book.  Take a half pita (your mitten) and fill it with animal crackers and a few mini marshmallows (a little snow).   It was hard to compose this picture with a wiggly, hungry kid.  Not crazy about the compostion of this, but you get the idea.

A warm, foggy, and cloudy winter night…with lots of contrasting.

Not so much representative of chill, but I’ll include this as I am working on macro photography this winter.   I’m walking around with my macro lens taking shots of anything and everything to see what it looks like.  This is a crunchy granola cluster that caught my eye.  Weird, I know.

See you next week for Start of the Day!

Naptime Momtog



  1. i love the lego man ice cubes! its just so cute… and yeah a starbucks during a chilly weather could help to keep you warm somehow…

    great photos!

    have a great week!


  2. These are great shots, Kim! I love your “Winter” with the Bananagrams tiles and the mitten full of animal crackers and marshmallows – what a fun idea.

  3. Love the top photo “winter.” So creative!

    Thanks so much for stopping and leaving a thoughtful comment, Kim. I appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Great set. Love the mitten and the moon shots.

  5. Great shots this week, Kim. I love your creativity in your winter and mitten shots, lovely.

  6. Lovely work! I love the creativity of the Bananagrams shot. We have that game but I never think to dig it out for picture taking. Now I will. 🙂 Also love those Lego man ice cubes. I can’t let my son see this photo … maybe I’ll get him the mold for his birthday in April.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!

  7. What a great week! I love the book the mitten and what a great snack idea to go along with it!! That granola cluster is awesome! Must be what it looks like to an ant!

  8. 2 things. That moon shot is INCREDIBLE!!!! And I am dreaming of getting a macro lens…..one day I hope to! I hope to join in this challenge later today.

  9. Such great shots. Love the first one and the last three. Thanks for linking up.

  10. Your photos are beautiful! Love the first one and that moon especially. Very nice!

  11. Awesome shots. Especially love the scrabble and the moon images

  12. These are FABULOUS! Love every single one!

  13. Love all of these shots! Especially the bananagrams!

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