Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have enjoyed challenging myself to find these items and photograph them this week.  Some of these were a challenge and I was shooting down to the wire to get all the prompts.  Here are my interpretations for the week:

1.  Stacked up

I bought these heart shaped bowls at Target for Valentine’s Day for my littlest Valentines.   They will be fun cereal bowls when I finally decide it is time to feel Valentiney.

2.  Winter Wonderland

This is the closest we have gotten to a winter wonderland in the south.  It has been unseasonably mild lately.  This is part of a Yankee Candle topper.

3.  Sweet

A macro shot of the mini peanut butter cups I pilfered from my kid.   I only ate one.

4.  Hole

These wooden beads have holes in them.  A loose interpretation.

5.  Frozen

Lego man ice cubes!  Aren’t these fun?  I wish I free transformed the top of the image, so ignore that part.



  1. Lookin’ good! My kids would love those legoman ice cubes. I love the bead shot. Did you use your macro for that shot?

  2. These are so great! Love the sweet candies and lego ice man cubes, awesome!!

  3. Those lego guys are the coolest!! Did you have a mold or something? My kids would love those!! GREAT collection… faves are the last three… and I would’ve eaten both the sweets!! =)

    • kimmyskids says:

      You can buy a mold for about $7 on It’s small, but fun! Could probably do chocolate candies as well. 🙂

  4. Lego dude ice cubes? My boys would LOVE those! Great collection of photos!

  5. I’ve never seen those ice cubes! How creative!

  6. It is quite an intellectual challenge, isn’t it?
    Love the clean pictures.

  7. Sweet….yum yum yum.

  8. These are all awesome! Lego ice cubs? My boys would love that!

  9. I love all your photos – a neat collection. I love those Lego ice cubes.

  10. I think this is a great series, love your holes and frozen, great finds for the prompts.

  11. tar=jay has the best stuff! your pics this year are outstanding! I especially love the holes & frozen – the lego ice mold looks like it would be fun.

  12. Lego man ice cubes?! That is just genius!

  13. Great shots. Love your sweet and frozen photos. You did a wonderful job.

  14. What a fun set !!! I love the colors on the first one and love the legos ice cubes, I might need to get some, as my son is crazy about legos. Sweet, is my favorite.. I love white backgrounds.

  15. Lego ice cubes? Awesome! I love your sweet and bead shots…really lovely, clean compositions! Great set!

  16. Fun Frozen! I want to get one too!

  17. What a great set! Love your interpretation on all of these! Still loving those Lego man ice cubes. 🙂

  18. Awesome set! Those lego men are too cool 😉

  19. Great set, love your frozen Lego shapes, sweet looks so yummy and love those colourful beads for hole!

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