Made with Love

Salad in a heart bowl is made with love by me for me!  It is a reminder to be intentional about how I feed and care for myself.  My body needs to detox after the sugar laden holidays.  I’m choosing water, fruits, veggies, and more whole grains.  I won’t deprive myself, but just make better choices for sustained good health and fitness.   I choose a skinny vanilla latte at Starbuck’s yesterday, but I won’t be doing that again..bleh.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge



  1. Looks yummy! I agree On the Starbucks. Why even bother if it doesn’t taste good. I’ve been passing up Starbucks for roobios tea.

  2. Looks good to me!! Great shot…

  3. I love the colors and composition of your photo!

  4. Oh! This is a GREAT image with wonderful healthy intentions backing it!

    And a definite “bleh’ to the Starbucks skinny vanilla latte!! Ick!

  5. Oh lovely crunchy goodness. V

  6. your salada looks so fresh and delicious! I would go for one! =)

    Light Trigger

  7. Nice color arrangement for a tasty salad. Starbucks coffee is too strong for me and I’d rather eat my calories than drink them! Once in awhile I’ll stop and get a chai latté (my favorite flavor) but VERY occasionally.

  8. Beautiful! And good for you for eating so healthy!


  9. Love 🙂

  10. HA- I’m laughing about your comment about the skinny coffee. My philosophy is “if you’re going to be bad- do it right” so for me it’s all or nothing. I should follow your example though & add more salads to my diet. 🙂

  11. Love the colors and how crisp everything looks!

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