bad moon rising

My quest to spend winter tethered to my camera is interesting.  I have carved out time each day to just shoot, shoot, shoot as they say.  The weather has been tricky the past several days with clouds, drizzle, rain, and downpours.  Not only am I bound to indoors, but I am also contending with poor indoor winter light.  I’m having to work for it without perhaps ever getting “it” fully.  Challenges are the spice of life, so I am pressing on! Trying to find subjects this week is hard.  Last night I saw the fullish moon through a window and thought I would see what I could do.  I do not have a bad mamma jamma zoom, yet.  I decided to work with my macro to see how close I could get, without actually getting close.  There was a lull in the rain so I grabbed my tripod and went to shoot the moon pajama clad.  It was all very experimental.  I tried a few f stops and shutter speeds.  The sky was fairly eerie with clouds and there was a dense fog out.  I truly had no clue what to do with a night sky, dark clouds, and fog.  I shot about 10 minutes and then the deluge came again.

This is the original shot.  But, I decided to play to see what else I could do in post processing.  Adjusting the contrast afforded some interesting visuals.



  1. WOW – so interesting and I really like the edit.

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