Christmas Eve

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We certainly had a great one this year.  I’m just now coming up for air and working my way through the pictures.  I didn’t take as many as one might expect.  I find being the Mom, hostess, cook, and photographer a difficult task.  I just do what I can, and take the lion’s share of the Christmas pictures before the actual day.

Christmas Eve we met up with my Dad for lunch at The Sundial in the Westin Peachtree.  This restaurant is a place that we dined a few times during my childhood.  The building is a cylindrical shape and has a revolving restaurant at the top overlooking Atlanta.

My children had their first experience at The Sundial.  It was a novelty to take the elevator to the top and see the skyline.  They enjoyed walking around the top attempting to see thru the view finders.

We don’t call this guy Monkey without reason.  He was too short to reach the eyepiece, but he found a way.

Those 10 and up had good views.

We enjoyed a nice rotating lunch, and then took one last trip in the elevator to the bottom.

Apparently, we all forgot to wipe his little face!  We headed home and then promptly to Christmas Eve service where I was tempted to take pictures, but didn’t want to disturb worship.  We ended the night with the same idea all of Peachtree City had: Chinese food fa ra ra ra ra!  We waited for a table for a very long time.  Finally, we headed home to open our new Christmas jammies, set out cookies and milk, read from Luke 2 and scurried off to bed.


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