Christmas Day

We woke about 6:30 to begin our day.   As I mentioned before, getting pictures is difficult when you are wearing many hats.  I just took a few.  The frenzy of the morning is just too much to capture.

We began with stockings as is our custom.  I took this image the night before, and I’m always amazed at how difficult it is for me to get the in front of the tree picture. Everyone is much too excited to let me take a few.

This year’s new jammies!

My daughter loves her new sock monkey slippers.  I have to admit, I would wear them!

The boys both received these Lego storage heads.  My big hope is that they will actually store loose Legos in them.  Is that too much to hope for? After this image is where I all but give up.  The kids are moving so fast and we opted to just video the gift opening rather than have me miss all the fun trying to capture stills. However, I did take a few shots of their new Legos.  It was truly a Lego Christmas! The kids have built and built.   I love Legos because they are the one toy that has endured.  My kids will play with them and maintain interest in them.  I can’t say that for many things.

I bought my older son a Lego Brick Bible where the “author” spent 10 years building and photographing Lego creations depicting the Old Testament.  He adores it! The “author” only took direct excerpts from the Bible, so no paraphrases.  It really is neat.  Hopefully, he can get busy working on the New Testament and do it in half the time?  Aidan loves reading it at night.  $20 well spent.



  1. Ruth Collins says:

    Wow, looks like a fun Christmas, Kim! Blessings to you and your family!

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