lessons in kindness

A very touching event occured for me today and the messenger was both a stranger and a part of my life.  We met up with a friend and her children for lunch.  Our children ate their meals and ran off to play at the indoor playground as is customary during our  times of fellowship together.  My friend and I spent a good hour or more talking while the kids played.  Our children checked in with us at various times, as they do.  After the hour or so, a gentleman comes near our table and is making fairly strong eye contact with me.  My first thought was that he must think he knows me, but would be mistaken.  I had no indication of who he might be.  I returned the eye contact because I could tell he really wanted to speak.  He finally approached our table and asked if I were Gracyn’s mother.  I indicated that I was, and he sat down at our table.  My next thoughts were swirling to some failure on her part that we would need to address.  This gentleman became very reflective and began to explain to me how my daughter had shown his 2 year old grandson great kindness by playing with him in the playground.  He became emotional and teary as he explained how she walked the boy up the stairs and helped him down the slide.  She was patient and kind. She stayed by his side for over an hour.  He said he did not know how to thank her.  I explained that it wasn’t needed.  He was so grateful and cried because my daughter invested in his grandson selflessly.   My friend piped in that her kindness was because of Jesus.  I’m glad she did because I could barely speak…you know how it is when a man cries!  I was so very grateful for God’s work in her life and that she is understanding service.  The gentleman then laid a folded bill in front of me and asked me to buy her ice cream.  I wanted to refuse, and I tried.  However, something told me that it was important for him to reward her.   I thought too, that it would be a concrete way to reinforce the lesson to be kind and serve.   I was also grateful that he noticed and made an effort to praise the good her saw in her.  Encouragement is often neglected in this world and we take kindness for granted.   Our pride keeps us from raising another up.  We often don’t do the good we ought to do.  I am thankful that both my daughter and this man were living examples of kindness and encouragement.   Small acts and words can often be a balm to someone’s heart.   I’m thankful to see evidence of God’s work in my daughter’s heart.  It encourages me to know that He is sanctifying.  That folded bill was $10.  We were able to buy all the children ice cream and let Gracyn keep the $5 change.  We explained to the children that the only reason they had ice cream was because of Gracyn’s kindness…a great lesson to all!  My prayer is that my 3 kids will be able to continue effecting gospel change in this world!



  1. What a precious story- sweet G. And a good reminder to point to the goodness we see in others.

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Sweet Gracyn. Thanks for sharing Kim! So proud of you all 🙂

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful testimony of God’s goodness and the rewards of your diligence in selflessly training your children.

  5. Did you have to go and make me cry? Where are my tissues? Thank you for sharing this sweet story.

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