Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m finally linking up with Ashley after months of following her blog.  I’m so excited that in spite of my busy schedule, I actually had all the prompts in my files from the last two weeks! I have really wanted to participate in SHS.  Here are my takes on this week’s prompts.

1. Less is More

This one was the most challenging for me.  However, I shot this yesterday and thought it might be fun.  We had a face painter at my husband’s company Christmas party.  My son asked for a tin soldier and got this painted on his hand! Isn’t this fun?  Self-entertaining too!

2. Holiday Lights

This one has made the linky circuit this week, but I love it so!

3. Ornaments

Our tradition is to let the kids pick a special ornament out each year for our tree.  The goal is for them to leave home one day with 18-20+ ornaments for their trees.  This is my daughter’s this year.

4. Cup of Cheer

Jasper having hot chocolate at Starbuck’s a few weeks ago.  It’s a special outing to have Starbuck’s and look at books at Barnes & Noble.

5. Nativity

Mary adoring her Savior.  Doesn’t that blow your mind? Think about it?



  1. Stunning nativity . . . gorgeous holiday lights.

  2. Seriously love your photos, especially the Starbucks one! My son loves Starbucks too. And yes, the Savior…starting out as a baby wrapped in blankets blows my mind too!
    So glad I found your blog through the Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Following now!

  3. Oh what a nice series….and I love the Christmas lights pic. So, so cute!!

  4. Your first shot is so cool – love it.

  5. Wow, what a great series the first one is really cute.

  6. These are amazing pictures!! Love the one of the little guy w/ Starbucks!

  7. These pictures are just amazing. You are very talented. Loved the hand painting. How cool!!

  8. The hand painting is genius! What great entertainment for him! Awesome photos!

  9. Very creative…love the first shot the best. Have a great day!

  10. Great shots – I just love that first one!!!!

  11. Oh my…totally lovin’ your “less is more”….so creative and so perfect!


  12. have to say, your post made me smile – especially liked the Less Is More, because my 15 yr old nephew was the Nutcracker (ballet)…. sort of reminds me of his costume.

  13. Your first shot is great, I love it, but your second one is fantastic. Your number two shot (besides the hot chocolate one, I mean who can resist those huge eyes and a cup of starbucks) is my favorite!

  14. Oh I think everyone of this is great – love your bokeh and how you’ve maintained the clarity of the image. That first shot is soooooooooo creative.

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