Candy Canes and Bokeh

I threw this mini session together on the fly.  I had a busy day of trying to find something festive to wear to my husband’s Christmas party next weekend.  If you could see the pull back on this, it would look very makeshift.  There is nothing fancy about this at all.  I have been really keen about trying some Christmas bokeh shots with the kids in festive wear.  Our playroom isn’t a bad space to set up backdrops, note to self.  This is essentially a wall, paper, lights, a blanket, a window, a kid in red sweater and a candy cane.  I know I could do better with a little more time to fiddle.  Jasper was game as long as he could eat the candy cane.  He was very wiggly still and wanted to look anywhere but the lens.  He was trying, but I had a hard time getting him to fix his gaze.  I started out with my macro lens, but the space was too short. I moved on to my 50mm, but it totally freaked out on me about halfway in and refused to focus on anything.  Anyone ever have that happen and know how to fix it?  I’m worried about that.  I finally pulled out the 85mm, and got a few shots…but my subject was about shot, so I had to work quickly.  The good thing is that I tried it and feel like I know what to do better next time in terms of set up and execution.  Maybe there will be time for a take two this week.  I think there are still some fun shots to play with this go around.  With my lens issue, I feel like I have to work with whatever was in focus.

Oh and P.S….Santa brought me a new computer early!  So excited, but stuck on calibrating it.  I am seeing more red and yellow than I care for, but I am working on it.



  1. Love it!

  2. Sandi Algeri Bullard says:

    Great Picture. I love the brilliant color. His eyes are beautiful.

  3. It’s great to work with such a great model, isn’t it? 😉 Gorgeous…the kid AND the shot!

  4. The light in his eyes is fabulous! Beautiful work

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