Turning doors

We’ve turned the first door on our advent calendar.  Have you?  Thus begins the the Christmas countdown.  Next week, party week begins for us with three gatherings in as many days!  We are most looking forward to my husband’s corporate party.  It is such a fun family day.  There are awesome noshes, activities, and Santa!  It is done right.

I’m a little bummed that the Jesse Tree Ornaments I ordered from Brisbane, Australia are still enroute.  I ordered them on Etsy from the only seller of the ornaments I could find.  I ordered them 2 weeks ago knowing they would have a long journey.  Still we wait.  I will just have to double up some days to make sure we cover them all before Christmas.  One of these days, I will be prepared for Advent in advance.  Last year we tried to make our own ornaments, but they were paper and sorry looking.  I tossed those and ordered some handmade felt ones that looked cute.  I bet they are…if they will ever arrive.  The vendor assures me she mailed them 11 days ago.

I have been playing with my new macro lens a bit.  I’m essentially walking around shooting everything as close as I can to see what happens.  I’m learning, but need a little inspiration and time during this busy season.  I would love to set up some ideas this weekend to play around with…lights, bokeh, ect…

One of my practice sessions was ornaments on the tree.

Another stack of Christmas Cards await addresses tonight.  Have a great weekend!




  1. Cute ornament pic!

  2. Kim,
    Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience has a free download for the Jesse Tree devotional if you want to use that until your arrive. I am sure if you search her site, you could easily find it…she posted about it last week, I believe.

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