My little monkey turned seven today.  He began his day by being roused before the house awoke to go have pancakes at Cracker Barrel with Daddy.  Having breakfast all by himself with Daddy was a great treat.  I’m told he was birthday wished aplenty by the wait staff and other patrons.  Although he felt a little shy about that, he enjoyed it.  We gave him one of the Lego sets from his Mimi to begin building before school.  We had a very quick school day, just covering the essentials so that he could just enjoy playing with his Legos.  When the first set was complete, I gave him a second set from his Mimi.  He had that one built by lunch.  He got a huge Pirates of the Caribbean set from my mom on Thanksgiving, so he has been in construction mode!  We went out for a cheap lunch of Subway…which isn’t all that cheap when the kids all want a 6 inch sub rather than the kid’s meal.  They ate every bite, so they must be ready to move up to more food.  We followed lunch with a stop at Barnes and Noble for Starbuck’s hot chocolate.  This is a big deal to them.  I think it makes them feel sophisticated.  They spilled and splashed a great deal, which wasn’t so sophisticated.  I think I spent most of the time mopping spills.

The Birthday Monkey.

 Chief spiller of hot chocolate.

The kids love to look at the books, so we spent a little time letting them peruse.  Not out of character, they went straight for Lego, Star wars, and Pirates of the Carribean books.

Soon we are heading out to eat Buffalo wings for dinner…the requested meal.  I think a Lego set from us is in the future, too!



  1. I need to see some pics of these extravagant lego creations being built!

  2. Misty Lawton says:

    When did his teeth grow in!!? I totally missed it. He has front teeth now!! Happy birthday to a great kid.

  3. These are such beautiful bw conversions.

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