Project Pinterest- Parking Lot reading

When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew it would be a great motivator for my 4 year old learning to read 3 letter words.  We tried it out this week.  Essentially, you make a parking lot with whatever words you want practiced.  You call out a word, and your child drives a Matchbox type car to the correct space.  Simple, but brilliant.  I love that this game give the opportunity to use movement while getting a child to do what can be a tedious task.  I am still breaking down the words with my preschooler because he needs to isolate sounds to find the words.  That’s okay.  He enjoys this game and gets to play with cars as well.  This is a great idea.

Apologies for the dark image.   I really needed to get this up quickly!  You”ll find the link at .



  1. This is brilliant. I get many creative ideas from Pinterest. 🙂

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