memories on glass balls

I am one of those people who really love Christmas.  Christmas, to me, is a time of abundance reflecting the abundant gift of the birth of our savior.  While, we probably do get abundant with gifts for our children…for a reason…we also try very hard to be abundant with memories and creating joy in the little things.  I think it is neat to hear my children express that while Christmas Day is great, they really love the time before Christmas just experiencing the season more than what will be under the tree.  A goal of ours is to have our children grow up, and begin their adult lives with such fond memories of Christmas with us.  To that end, today we spent an hour of our school day making glass ornaments.  These are so easy, and non-stressful to make.  They are precious, too!  I bought a 12 pack of glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby.  I found some darling Christmas sticker packs and some ribbion there as well.  We essentially just stuck stickers on the ornaments, and tied the top with a piece of ribbon.  The kids had so much fun just looking at the stickers and finding the ones that they really liked.  Some ornaments were a bit overly stickered, but I think that will be the charm much later on.  A bonus was watching them oooo and ahhh over what their siblings made.  When we were out of glass balls and stickers, I added a hook to each ornament and we hung them on the tree.   There was value to taking the time to build this simple memory with my children.  They may never remember what they got under the tree, but I do believe they will remember the little things we did during Christmas that were really big, and abundant things in their childhood.



  1. Lovely Christmas decorations!

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