A few weeks ago, I began to show our Christmas card contenders.  I started with Jasper, and then there was little time to edit during the whirlwind of traveling and editing other jobs.  Slowly, but surely I will give each of my children a post!  Without further ado…my eldest.

This one is becoming very conscious about fashion, and girly upkeep.

A young lady is blooming here.

I love the completly natural expression here.   There really are no motives here.  Does it scare me a bit? Um…yes!  Speaking just to my photog buddies, the light is a total hot spot.  If you were editing, what would you do? I love this image and want to improve that one thing.

I love the iconic building in this one…a tribute to our town.

Sweet Shot Day



  1. Sandi Algeri Bullard says:

    Se is so beautiful! Thank you Lord for this wonderful , beautiful, sweet Grand daughter. She is one of my heartbeats.

  2. Love her sassiness – great shots.

  3. Such a beautiful girl! and a great photog to get those pics!!

  4. just blog hoping! one idea for the hot spot with the light..photoshop it out.. that way you can keep the details that you would loose in cropping…beautiful girl by the way =0)

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