about the village

In the main drag of Gatlinburg, there is The Village where you will find popular vendors such as The Donut Friar, Pancake Pantry (which we avoided….the line was crazy!), and the like.  We spent a couple hours just walking through this area to see if anything caught our attention.  The Donut Friar caught the attention of the kids.  The kids were uninterested in window shopping.  I would have enjoyed checking the stores out a little more.

Gracyn caught a glimpse of this shop and alerted us.  It was a spice and tea shop with beautiful spices.

We spent a great deal of time in here looking at the offerings and taking in the scents.  There were spices of every sort as well as flavored sugars, salts, peppers, and more! We meant to go back one day and buy some spices, but totally forgot! They have online sales, and we made sure to take a card on our way out.  I photographed the jars, and must have seemed crazy to the owner.  She said nothing.  I told her I was a crazy blogger.  So, I must mention the shop!  The Spice & Tea Exchange of Gatlinburg.  Since the kids were done looking, we headed back to our hotel.

Thus ends my photo share of our trip!  Though we hoped to see a Black bear during our stay, these were the only bears we saw…and we brought them home.

For a little added fun, here are some memories:

Driving by Jasper, Georgia on our way, Jasper declares: I’m a little bit famous!

Beginning in North Georgia, Jasper counted how many mountains he saw (every foothill).

We stayed in Gaflinburg….not Gatlinburg.

Every time we drove to Pigeon Forge Jasper said, I want to go back to Tennessee!!

Jasper named his bear Josh.  Aidan named his Billy Bobby Bob.  These bears were known to swing their paws back and forth chanting: we want milk, we want milk! See above photo.

The kids all tried fried alligator tail and fried frog legs.

Gracyn’s excitement over the beauty of the mountains.

I bought a North Face Osito fleece from Nantahala Outdoor Center that is so warm and comfy! (ok, not really a memory…but I was excited!) The color is officially “squid red”, but I would call it cranberry.  What they heck kind of color is squid red?

Thank you Lord for a wonderful trip! Hope to see you again Tennessee!



  1. “Squid red” now there’s a color worth wearing! Looks like a wonderful trip!

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