mingus mill and old farmstead

With our corn maze victory behind us, we decided to drive the parkway to Mingus Mill across the state-line into North Carolina.  We didn’t realize at the time that our destination was leading us very close to Cherokee, NC.  We were just miles away from the Cherokee Reservation area.  The 36 mile trip through winding mountain roads took us about a hour to cover.  We stopped at Mingus Mill first, only to find we missed the open hours.  Even so, we walked a bit and found the Mill and old sluice.

With only the mill, sluice, and sluice gate to see, we decided to continue on to the old farmstead just a short distance away.  We arrived 3 minutes past closing.  Our timing was bad, but we discovered that we only missed access to the visitor’s center.   We were free to roam the farm property.  Others were also milling about.

There were animals on the property to see.  These cute chickens were kind enough to pose symmetrically.

There were 3 elk bulls in the field.  The park rangers would only let us get so close.  The elk are known to get huffy.

There were also groundhogs or woodchucks…whichever you prefer roaming around.  These guys were hard to capture.  You had to sneak upon them and get your shot set up.  Invariably, as soon as I was ready to fire, some kid would run up and frighten them.  (not just my kids…and also some grown up kids)  This is all I could get.  I’m sure I looked crazy trying to track them when they scampered.

The farmstead was a great little historical jaunt.  It was fun to show the kids how things used to be.

We would have entered this trail, had the sun not started to descend.

We took a nice sunset drive back down the mountain and stopped to let the kids make a quick snow ball on the highest point.



  1. wow what a beautiful place! Love the animal pictures!

  2. These are wonderful photos. I think the first one is my favorite, but so many to chose from. Love the tone in the photos too. 🙂

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