a corny time

We finished our hike and stopped for lunch at McAlister’s.  That was a treat because we used to frequent this deli in Charlotte, NC.  They have great food, but their sweet tea is awesome! They give a certain chicken establishment some competition in tea wars.  The cups are huge and you can sip off of one all day.  We ate here twice, but who is counting?  After lunch, we headed over to Apple Valley Farms to the pumpkin patch.  This patch is just round the bend from the cash cow, Apple Barn.  That place is packed, always.  Good food though.   Apple Valley Farms has a pumpkin patch, that wasn’t all that well stocked.  It was late in the season though.  They had a petting zoo and a bouncy house.  We were there for the corn maze.  There is a smaller hay bale maze for little children, which we practiced on before heading over to the corn.  We decided, or should I say my husband decided, that we would do the hardest course without a map or clues.  He decided to let the kids take turns navigating.  At each crossroad or divergent path, a different child selected the path.   We had to find 10 check points before finding the end.  We found the first 6 in what I would consider a normal time frame.  Finding our way beyond 6 to 7 was nearly impossible.  The last 3 check points took forever!  After an hour or so, we began to get antsy to finish.  There were a couple times that we all, but Jack, were tempted to sneak out of a crack to the outside, free world.   We rallied.  There were maps at each check point and we were tempted to cheat, but we fought it back.  We finished in about 1 and a half hours…and we were spent, but a good time was had by all!  We saw the map when we finally got out.  The path through was fairly complicated and tricky.  We did it, however, by a little intuition and lots of trial and error.   They offer the maze in the dark with flashlights each evening.  I can only imagine how difficult that would be and how many pranks are pulled on unsuspecting maze goers.



  1. Simply Snapped says:

    I love the corn eating shot, its great lol she doesn’t look to sure.

  2. Hi Kim! Love your Photos! I just love fall and all the colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here is the recipe to the Beef Stroganoff Recipe that I forgot to put up on my blog. Enjoy and let me know how you like it! Happy Thursday!

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