I have not been to the mountains in 13 years!  The last trip was on my honeymoon.  I haven’t been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee since my college days.  I had fond memories of going there as a kid some 30+ years ago.   I wanted my kids who had never been the mountains to have some fun memories of a family trip to see the leaves in autumn.  We just spent 4 crisp days in The Great Smokey Mountains!  Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge both have some cheesy touristy qualities, but the natural areas are splendid.  Plus, the kids liked some of the cheesy stuff too.  I could have spent a few more days just walking trails and driving along the parkway.  It was so beautiful.  In an effort to carry light, I shot all these images with my nifty 50.  I left the tripod home and just decided to make do with one lens.  I could spend days shooting with a 24mm and a $$$$ zoom….if I had either one.  I have always found shooting on a vacation with kids a challenge.  The pace is always fast and that makes photography challenging.  However, I feel like I got some good shots that will, in the very least, serve as great souvenirs of our trip.  I will break up my sharing into several posts.  Come back and have a look!  I’ll begin with a few shots of The Smokies.  When we arrived, the day was a little dreary with a light dusting of snow in the higher elevations.

The next day, we drove the parkway towards the end of the day.  The sunsets were gorgeous!

This time of the year speaks of God’s awesomeness in creation.



  1. planaquarium says:

    Such a spectacular sky – lovely perspective!

  2. These look like postcards!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous views!

  5. Wow!!!

  6. Wow, so beautiful! I love the weather conditions in the first one! Gorgeous sunsets too!

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