fun lately

With the coming of autumn we find ourselves a little craftier, and in need of special moments.  These are a few of the special things we have done lately.

After reading about St. Francis and his care for the birds, we decided to make some bird cakes to hang in our trees.  The heart-shaped cakes looked so precious.  As cute as they look, the particular recipe we used did not harden enough to support being hung.  I was sorely disappointed at the waste of 3-5 lbs of bird seed, bottle of honey, Crisco, cornmeal, brown sugar and etc…  I spent the better part of a day working on these.  In desperation we gathered pinecones and used the “suet” to make old school preschool birdfeeders!  Not quite as cute, but feeds the birds still the same.  I believe there is a better working recipe out there, but the one I used fell flat.

Creepy crawly spiders have been one theme for the boys to study this week.  We learned to classify insects vs arachnids.  We have made a few crafts.  These spider sarnies were a fun lunch to support our theme.  My daughter, Gracyn, was the inspiration for these sandwiches.

Finally, we made smores for afternoon treats!  While it is a little early for the fireplace to roast marshmallows, we let necessity be the mother of invention by roasting marshmallows over the gas range.  I did the roasting, for safety.   The kids did the consuming.



  1. how fun! I need to get more crafty!

  2. I love the sandwiches!! I will definitely be trying them soon.

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