We’ve had Beezus a little over a month.  Everyone has taken to this spunky little kitty.  She is the coveted item around the house.  This “free” kitten has been so much fun…and so very expensive for being free.  She had a few issues to sort out with the vet to get her healthy, but she is now a healthy, vibrant ball o’fun.  I loved kitties when I was a girl.  I used to dress my kitties in doll clothes, much to their dismay and my delight.  I had forgotten how much I liked cats until she came along.  Beezus and Gigi, the pug have finally gotten to the tolerant point.  There is even a tiny glimpse of like from time to time.  Tonight, someone thought it would be a lark to put Beezus in an American Girl doll shirt.  Naturally, the camera had to come out.  (Psss…the person who dressed the cat was me!)  The kids squealed at the sight of Miss B in the shirt.

This picture is not the greatest, but to my defense as a photographer, this is what I was working with for the most part.

Beezus had one goal…getting the dratted shirt off!



  1. Too funny! Such a sweet little kitty! We used to dress our kitties up in doll’s clothes too when we were kids. Now we have a huge golden retriever that my kids like to dress up from time to time. She doesn’t like it either. 🙂

  2. 🙂

  3. I was going to say – cats HATE wearing clothes.

  4. so cute! I love the pic of her squirming to get out of it.

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