happier home schooling-day 30

We have come to the end of our happier home schooling journey.  Before I share my last tip, I want to say thanks to all who faithfully visited this site this month.  It was encouraging to check my statistics and see people reading!  I am archiving these posts in the tab at the right of my blog’s home page, so that you can revisit these posts anytime.  Please feel free to continue leaving comments for future readers who may come along.  I have enjoyed writing this series, and  it has been a challenge to post a blog a day!   It has reminded me that these really are the “Happy Golden Years”.  I want to look back and remember what life was like at this very time in our lives.  My kids will have this as a reminder for them too!  Sometimes the days are so very hard.  Yet, these are the cherished years with our children.  I hope you are feeling the same way.

On that note, the very last tip is………enjoy your children!  This time is fleeting.  Use the days for God’s glory.  Use the time to make memories with the people you are just borrowing for awhile.  Be faithful.  Love.  Revel in all that comes from this journey of caring for our little ones.  It only lasts a brief time.  Make the most!





  1. Sandi Algeri Bullard says:

    Look at those beautiful high cheek bones. PRETTY GIRL!

  2. Great advice! And beautiful photo!

  3. laurelsusanstudio says:

    Wonderful and thoughtful advice 🙂 Truly, enjoy these years. I’ve been homeschooling since 1997. My oldest is now in college and my youngest two are in high school. We do as many cool and creative things as we can, but the high curriculum is demanding. I have many great memories of the wonderful earlier years when we could be more spontaneous. Being a homeschool mom is an honor. 🙂

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