happier home schooling-day 27

One of my most hopeful goals of our home school is teaching our children to love and value one another.   This can be a challenge when we are together all the time.  However, I feel that being apart all day doing separate things also presents a challenge to intimacy.  Again, there is no perfect way.  I do strive to teach my children to form their very best relationships with family.  Friends are so very important, and yet in reality, friends move in and out of our lives for various reasons.  What remains is family.  A chief goal for us is bonding with one another.  I desire for my children to grow up and want to be together with each other’s families.  I feel that our home school can foster that.  Yes, we have many days filled with squabbles and selfishness.  Yet, I am about teaching my children to sacrifice for one another, to love deeply, to confess wrong-doings, and to play well together.  It is hard!  I do see the fruit of our time though.  I see brothers bonding and loving the time spent together.  I see a sister watching out for the others, almost too much at times, but she cares for her siblings.  We pray for the grace to love one another before the day begins and we pray throughout when issues arise.  I am hopeful that the years together are knitting their hearts together.



  1. You’re doing such a good job with this series, Kim. Really enjoying it.

  2. This is an adorable shot!

  3. Sandi Algeri Bullard says:

    What a precious pic of my two beautible grandbabies! Yes, Gracyn is your Mother-Me. She does a great job caring for her siblings. They all are lovings kids to their Ena. also. Love those babies, they ae my heartbeat.

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