happier home school-day 25

Interview your children from time to time.  Ask them what they like about home schooling.  What are their struggles? Are there some things that can be done practically to help the days go more smoothly?  It’s humbling to ask our children for their opinions of what we as moms offer.  Be willing to listen to their suggestions and accomodate those things that are reasonable.  Our children can open our eyes to views that we may not be able to see with our adult minds.    Find a consistent time to debrief with your children throughout the year and listen to their perspective.  We have “report cards’ every 9 weeks.  Grades aren’t really a huge focus in our home school, but I find that the children like to know how they are progressing.  Perhaps teacher-student conferences could be a part of the report card process.  Give the children an opportunity to talk about their successes and concerns and actively listen!



  1. Great idea! I interview my kids a couple times a year and keep their interviews in a scrapbook. They are so precious to come back to years later! 🙂

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