happier home schooling-day 24

I highly recommend an end of the day ritual for all tired moms.  I so enjoy having a few things I can count on in the evening to help me transition from the pace of the day to sleep.  Once the kids have been nuzzled into their beds, it is my time!  I usually only have about 2 hours before sleep takes over.  Without fail, my first stop is a relaxing bath.  I love to soak away the day’s stressors.  I keep nice bath goodies to give an indulgent feel.  Comfy pajamas come next.  I might blog or edit photos in bed for awhile, which is still work…but work I enjoy!  Finally, I might read a chapter of a book I am working on or watch an episode of something on Netflix.  None of these rituals by themselves are all that spectacular, but they do help me to feel connected to the person I am after giving myself away all day.   I feel restored before waking up and doing it all over again.   I highly recommend a nightly relaxation inducing ritual.

I wish this were mine!

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  1. Calgon take me away;)

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