happier home schooling- day 20

Comparing ourselves and our home schools with others can be a real joy stealer.  As I mentioned in my first home schooling post, the personalities of home school moms and students are varied.   One mom may be highly goal-oriented and organized, while another more creative and carefree.   The needs of the children in each of these homes very likely are not equal.  Each mother must consider her skill set with the needs of her children.   No two home schools are going to be exactly alike.   While we may understand this principle, we often put pressure on ourselves to be what we are not.  With teachable spirits we can learn from the strengths of others, but we need to celebrate our strengths as well!  The organized mom should let that strength be a boon to her.  The creative mom will let that gift work for her.   We can lose our joy when we take the example of others and make them our prisons. Perhaps we may even have people suggesting to us that we are not as wonderful as other moms who differ from us.  We can live our days wishing to be someone else instead of the person God made us to be.   The organized mom can learn to be more creative from other moms, but she will not abandon her gifts to try to live up to an imaginary creative standard.  The creative mom may learn to be more structured, but she will not set her creativity aside to do so.  It can be so difficult not to consider how we are measuring up to what everyone else is doing.   Ask the Lord to free you from the burden of comparing, and to give you the freedom to be what He has designed for you.   Work for an audience of One with confidence in His perfect design.



  1. Kim, I’m so thankful for this post. Even though I’m not a homeschooling mom, I can totally relate to trying to be something I’m not or comparing myself to others only to be disappointed. We MUST find our significance, our identity, our worth, in Christ and Him alone! That is a daily prayer of mine.

  2. This is great! What amazing advice! I think every homeschooling mother needs to read this. 🙂

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