happier home schooling-day 19

A home schooling mom will face criticism for her choice to educate her children at home.  There are well-meaning and not so well-meaning people who will want to weigh in on the perils of home schooling.   They will put great stock in their opinion even when they do not really know what a home school is like.  They will want to share the negative stories they have heard.  They will want to make you aware that you are ruining your children’s lives.  They will make emphatic statements such as “well,  I could never home school!”  They will question, “what about socialization?”  They will make telling facial expressions upon finding out that you home school.  They will doubt your ability to teach your children anything beyond the 3rd grade.   They will say things they don’t mean such as how brave you are.   Your private decision to home school becomes a very public discussion as people ask you to give them an account for your choice.  So, how should we answer these criticisms and questions?  Gently.   The most effective way to deal with comments and questions is to answer them calmly without taking any of the bait to argue.   You really don’t have to try to convince anyone to agree with home schooling.  I try to answer sincere questions with sincerity.  With those who want to win a debate, I simply leave the discussion with “this is how God is leading us.”  There really isn’t more to say.   You can tell when someone is questioning you to learn, and when the questions are simply to prove a fixed point.   Likewise we are to be respectful with those who differ from us.   If we model a kind spirit, we can often teach others.

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  1. Love this one. I sure hope that I am nothing but encouraging. I have seen the results of the Kim Cunningham School – (He He) Kids that read and read well. God’s leading is the perfect answer! That should be the reason that we all choose whatever method we choose to educate our children.

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