happier home schooling-day 18

Every woman needs to hear words of affirmation and encouragement no matter her field of service.   Mothers, generally speaking, need to have a system of support as they spend hours upon hours without adult interaction.   The days can be long and tiring.  Nerves get frayed.   Attitudes get out of adjustment.  Joy can quickly evaporate into thin air.   Women need each other for support.   Find a group of women to encourage your efforts at home whether you are formally home schooling, or mothering.   If you know of a praying woman who speaks life-giving, encouraging words, ask her to pray for you!  Seek out women who will support you and hold you accountable for those areas that need refining.   We can certainly have women within our peer groups praying for us, but I encourage you to also seek out women with greater life experience as mentors.   There are women around us who are natural cheerleaders, encouragers, prayer warriors, and servants.  Our observations will highlight these women as we watch them faithfully reaching out to build up the Body of Christ.  Seek them out.

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Join me tomorrow for answering your critics.



  1. AMEN! You are my cheerleader…..you’re not old, though. 😉

  2. Hahaha(: So glad you said this! I used to think it was strange that I had a lot of close relationships with adult women. In middle school, and even today as a senior in high school, I always sought out strong Christian women and would go to them for encouragement and advice. I would go to them with any problem I was having, before I would go to my close group of girlfriends. Older women are more reliable, level-headed, and experienced.
    Oh my goodness, your blog is so interesting. Never fails to hold my teenaged attention & encourage me!

    • I consider that HUGE complement…being interesting to a teenager! Thank you! That encourages me so very much. 🙂

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