happier home schooling-day 16

Teach your children that you need downtime.  Being with your children all day, every day, can be draining…to put it mildly.  Moms need time to decompress, as I like to say.   After a demanding day, I need a few minutes of quiet and peace.  It is hard for children to respect this need in their parents because we are supposed to be the ones anchoring everything.   It will take time to teach your kids to give you a small block of time to restore mentally.  Do work on it, though!  After the day’s work is complete, retreat!  I would suggest that this time be spent not engaging in those activities that become time vortices.  Do something that restores.  You might read a chapter of a book, work on your Bible study, sit with a steaming cup of tea, put your feet up, flick through a magazine, step outside and admire your garden, play with a pet, or anything else that gives you a sense of balance.  If you have children like mine, they will keep checking in on you or asking for things.  Remind them that you’ll be available in a few minutes.  After awhile, they’ll figure out that you were honest and came right back to taking care of them.  Meanwhile, have them read or play quietly.  Keep your break short and sweet…we all know how hard it is to get back to the day’s needs once we take root somewhere.   10-20 minutes is a nice, relaxing break.

Join me tomorrow for: doing what you love.



  1. what a great reminder. Love it.

  2. Oh what a great idea. Yesterday was one of those days. My sweet hubby could see when he walked in the door that I needed a break. He let me run to the craft store, by myself! The craft store was a treat but it was extra special to go by myself. Love my kids but as you said I need down time too. Usually my only down time is around midnight before I go to bed at 1am. I really need to work on that.

    Lil’ Momma
    Living with a hard working husband, 1 toddler, 1 preschooler and 1 middle schooler who are Five in Training for HIM

    • I do understand that! Isn’t it great that our husbands give us a break? I’m often up way past a reasonable bedtime just so I can feel like I could get more personal time. It’s hard not to stay up late sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

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