A is for apple

September is a time for apples.  This week we had some apple fun alongside our regular curriculum.  I think we may be on the verge of an apple OD, but we have enjoyed ourselves.  On the 26th of this month will be John Chapman’s birthday…aka…Johnny Appleseed!  We watched the Disney classic, which is just so precious, about Johnny.  We learned to thank the Lord for all His goodness towards us.  I loved this as a kid!  So, to celebrate here is what we did:

saucepan hats a la Johnny Appleseed

apple prints

on canvas tote bags

to fill with library books

mini apple pies

and apple eyes


We also read book after book on apples.  One of our favorites was Ten Apples on Top.  We balanced an apple on our heads afterwards.  We had an apple tasting of different varieties. The results are 1 for Golden Delicious, 1 for Mcintosh, and 1 for Granny Smith.   We still have two more days of apple-y things.

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  1. your mini apple pies look so cute! Is there a recipe:)

    • It is a very kid centered recipe. You put a canned biscuit in the bottom of a baking cup. Cut up some apples and layer those atop the biscuit. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Bake at 350 for abt 10-12 mins. That’s all! I would like them better with a real pie crust, but the kids had fun constructing them and playing chef!

  2. Gorgeous, looks like so much fun, love the apple print tote! Those apple pies are making me want to bake, they look really yummy!

  3. Cute photos! The perspective and depth of field on the mini apple pies is beautiful. Looks like a lot of fun learning experiences. Thank you for sharing!

  4. apples! yay! nice captures, especially the one with the apples over her eyes. 🙂 lovely!

  5. What fantastic apple shots! I love the composition on your mini apple pie photograph. This whole post is making me hungry for apples!

  6. We are just going to come do school with you! What a fun week. Im so bogged down with packing that it has been no fun around here.

  7. We are going to come school with you. I have been so bogged down with packing that we are having no fun around here.

  8. Visiting from “I learned”. Haha…LOVE the humor and creativity of the “apple eyes” shot. Briliant!


  9. How adorable!!!!!

  10. If you keep with these types of posts you may have me wanting to homeschool :O) But then I remember I would rather teach 30 kids than just mine :O) You guys look like you have so much fun!! Love them!!!

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