happier home schooling-day 13

Appointments for routine medical care are inevitable. They are also time consumers.  I have found that all the check-ups and dental appointments we have can throw a wrench into our school day.   After trial and error, I concluded that appointments are best scheduled for afternoons.  We have often taken morning appointments out of desperation.  These days leave us scrambling to finish our work before dinner.   If any appointments were particularly upsetting (vaccinations), we can have a difficult time recovering for the day.  This year I am making a pact with myself to only schedule appointments after the bulk of our working day has passed.   This may require a little more foresight in scheduling appointments in far enough advance to secure optimal times for us.  Of course there will be days when the kids are sick and I will want the first available appointments.  In those times, we would most likely set aside our work for the greater good of healing and rest.

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Up next: fever busters


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