happier home schooling-day 10

Your phones are silenced.  The computer is hibernating.  How  do you communicate your availability to others and keep them happy too?   It is helpful to establish silent hours upfront.  Make it fairly non-negotiable and consistent.  My phone goes off at 8:30 in the morning.  I turn my ringtone back on around 2:30.  There have been times when I have taken a call based on circumstance.  We can use our intuition to know if a phone call is important to take now, or if it can wait until the afternoon.  Communicating this with others is simple.  You can simply draft an email to the ones you are in frequent contact with explaining that you will be silencing your phone during certain hours.  You can let them know when you will check messages and when you expect to return calls, emails, or text messages.  Your friends and family members will understand. They want the best for our kids, too!  Expect though, that it might take awhile for this to catch on fully.  It may be frustrating for others initially when you aren’t available.  Be good about returning the calls, emails, or messages.  Doing so communicates that your relationships are important, and that you want to maintain them.

Join me tomorrow for flexibility: friend or foe.


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